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Cocoa Pebbles are Gluten Free!

22 Dec

The Public Health Advocacy Institute has accused General Mills of using whole grain claims to “distract” consumers from the sugar content of their cereals.  (Thanks to Marion Nestle for calling attention to the article.) Exhibit A:

trix box

I have had a box of Cocoa Pebbles on my desk for several months now (on my desk, not on my breakfast table) so that I could learn more about the front-of-package labeling scheme. From 20 feet away, my husband saw the cereal box and said, “Wow, Cocoa Pebbles are Gluten Free!” I’d say Post is using a similar strategy to General Mills….

Not to mention the slogan, “Rocks Your Whole Mouth.” Have you seen the commercials?

After loading 64 pebbles on his tongue, we see Fred close his eyes and bob his head while the Pebbles are transported to his brain, which one you tube viewer commented, “makes you think that they snuck Ecstasy inside the cereal!”


Be a Mind Sticker

1 Dec

I spent some time yesterday researching the introduction of the first diet sodas. I was surprised to learn that Diet Rite, made by RC Cola, was the first widely marketed soda, followed by Patio by Pepsi, then Tab by Coca Cola. I remember the Tab commercials from the 70s, but just had to share this campaign from the 60s.

“When you can’t be with him, be in his mind… a mind-sticker.”